And then we were seeing RAINBOWS

Happy Summer! I will admit it has been WAY too long since I have posted anything food related on my blog but I have decided that my most recent creation makes the cut for a new post! This cake is super fun for summer with Jello colours and flavours and the addition of Swiss Meringue buttercream makes it sweetly delicious. For the melt in your mouth buttercream cream recipe I used on my cake check out Tessa Huff’s new cake book “Layered”.


Rainbow Cake
Rainbow Cake

To save myself some time and effort I used two white cake mixes for the base divided between five 8″ round cake pans. A cake mix which requires egg whites only instead of a full egg will give you a lighter and more fluffy cake consistency. To each 8″ round cake, I added 3 tbsp of Jello powder and  6 or 7 drops of food colouring of different colours. The Jello not only adds colour but also gives each cake layer a distinct fruit flavour; one reviewer commented that the results tasted like eating bowl of Fruit Loops! Although each cake mix is supposed to make just two 8″ pans I was able to easily spread out the mix from two boxes to make five 8″rounds.


Rainbow Cake Inside 2

To separate each cake layer when building the cake I used a thin layer of Cool Whip. Because I iced the outside of the cake with buttercream I did not want a thick layer of anything between each cake layer. Cool Whip provided just enough “stick” to keep the layers together and give a thin white line between colours. Some other options I considered using between the layers of the cake were chocolate fudge or jam. Chocolate fudge would look really great when making a darker or more vibrant cake with deeper colours such as blue, red and green.  All in all,                                                                            a half of a container of Cool Whip was sufficient for this cake.

Swiss Meringue Buttercream

For the outside, just have fun with the decorations. I opted for a no fondant look and did my best to make the buttercream as smooth as possible on the outside before applying any sprinkles.

Best of luck with anyone trying out this style of cake. It is super fun to make and to eat and will definitely WOW your guests.

Rainbow Cake Piece Rainbow Cake Inside

Rainbow Cake Inside 4


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