And Then You Could Always Put Your Potatoes in the Dishwasher: The Thanksgiving Table

Meringue Ghosts
Meringue Ghosts

Thanksgiving has creeped up fast this year, at least for me it has. I have been quickly thrust into baking all things Fall and all things Halloween. October always seems to be the month that I have a ton of treats to provide, between birthday parties, class bake sales, class parties to Thanksgiving and Halloween; I end up feeling overbooked. There is also so much to choose from for Fall ingredients, so many choices. I have put a “Halloween Treats” section on my blog with some of the goodies I have made so far this October, if you need any recipes just send me a quick message. 

I have been searching through Thanksgiving ideas and came across a great article titled “19 Thanksgiving Hacks to Make Hosting the Holiday A Breeze” some of the points are super creative; I think my favourite (and I need to remember this) is using tongs to crimp the pie crust edge, something I never would have thought of. Although, putting potatoes in the dishwasher to get cleaned would probably never happen in my house.

Thanksgiving Turkey
Thanksgiving Turkey

I would love to hear what Thanksgiving meals in other people’s families look like. Do you always cook a Turkey? Is it slow baked, deep-fried, BBQ’d or even topped with bacon? What sort of side dishes are a must have? In our family, I would say Turkey and stuffing are usually a staple along with pumpkin pies or tarts and most definitely a lot of coffee and treats. Do you usually have a lot of hands in the kitchen or does one person typically end up doing most of the cooking?

And what sort of beverages do you typically serve up for this holiday? Is it too early for Eggnog in your family? I went to buy some eggnog the other day and the cashier was AMAZED that it would be sold anytime before mid-November and she wasn’t sure how she felt about it coming out so early in the year. For my family, as soon as we can get our hands on a carton of eggnog there are yummy latte’s being made with it (although my personal preference is “light” eggnog when I can find it).

Brynn Fall WalkAnd my final question, what sort of after the meal activities do you do with your family? We like to go for walks and enjoy the pretty Fall colours or watch the kids play a game of soccer or football. I think whatever your family does, it is just fun to get to spend time together while enjoying some good meals and family activities.  

Happy Thanksgiving!


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