Red Velvet Cake

Red Velvet Cake 1

Love love love. It doesn’t get much better than Red Velvet Cake (in my opinion anyway). It’s basically a super moist chocolate cake gone red and always seems to impress just by its appearance. If you’re looking to be that person who brings the BEST dessert to a party then Red Velvet Cupcakes or cake should be what you make.

I was very happy with my latest baking creation with one exception – runny’ish icing. The cream cheese icing recipe was basically a failure in my books even though I read all the recipe instructions AND watched the video clip with it – so I’m not going to share it foresure. However, the recipe I used for the Red Velvet Cake worked to a charm and the cake turned out very moist, had good volume and hardly any crumbs.  After trying some mediocre Red Velvet cake recipes in the past, this recipe is definitely staying in my book. I wouldn’t change anything from the original cake recipe.

Once I had the cakes baked and cooled I wrapped them in plastic wrap and put in a ziplock bag in the fridge overnight. Cold cakes are easier to ice and the plastic wrap and ziplock prevent any drying out of the cake itself. I also did a “crumb coating” which is when you apply a light coating of icing to your cake (and apply any icing between the cake layers) and put in the fridge to chill for at least a half an hour before applying the final coat of icing. This “crumb coating” locks in the cake crumbs leaving you with a clean icing finish on your cake.

And back to the failed icing. When choosing a cream cheese icing recipe you should be looking for one with a low amount of icing sugar (probably not more than 1 & 1/2 cups), 2 packages of cream cheese and a bit of vanilla. The rest of the ingredients will adjust based on your recipe. I have heard of people whipping up the cream cheese, adding icing sugar and then just adding a touch of heavy cream or milk until they get to the desired consistency. Stay away from high amounts of icing sugar, or high amounts of liquid. The icing sugar will make your icing too sweet and drowned out the cream cheese flavour, and the liquid will make it too runny.

Happy Baking!

P.S. Here is the recipe I used, I don’t take any credit for this wonderful blend of ingredients:


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