The Art of Caffeinating

Breakfast, cleanup, snack, cleanup, park, cleanup, BBQ with friends, bath-time, kids bedtime routine, tidy house, my bedtime – repeat x 4 days = 1 tired mom after this May Long Weekend. BUT, my days did get to start with my favorite new appliance, a RED Breville Infuser (Espresso Machine). I have to blog about my new machine because changing from my old Starbucks Via Venezia was a big change for me. I loved my old machine but after a few unexpected “espresso explosions” all over my counter and a few attempts to fix it, we had to come to terms with the fact that it had come to the end of its lifespan.

The hunt was then on to find a good value for your money but not cheap quality espresso maker. I would have been happy to replace my Via Venezia machine with another one if they hadn’t gone up in price so much or if I had been able to actually find one in a store and not just online. My husband and I both worked at a coffee shop for several years and are pretty picky when it comes to picking out espresso machines.

Here I’ll clarify that we were shopping for a manual espresso machine; we were not interested in a capsule or pod style machine. We also really wanted certain features: completely rotating steaming wand, metal portafiler/handle, hardy materials (the Via Venezia machine was an all Metal exterior). The machine we ended up purchasing, the Breville Infuser, is all of the above, but also has a few things most of the cheaper level machines don’t: large water tank, hot water dispenser, espresso pod capabilities, and a pressure gauge for espresso extraction. In addition to its cool features, it makes great foam and happens to be fire engine red! So far we have both been impressed with our new machine and I hope it lives up to my expectations. The best part for me is the novelty hasn’t worn off yet for my husband who is still happy to make my latte for me in the morning (I know this is only temporary but I will take it while it lasts). Happy Caffeinating!

Breville latte


2 thoughts on “The Art of Caffeinating

  1. I had been tested Breville infuser in trial test before I decided my espresso machine. It’s good machine, stylish and semi automatic where you can leave machine pour espresso itself as there a program for single or double cup.
    What I never have chance try or curious is it has a feature called “clean me” indicator. Is it for water replacement or steam purge clean after specific period of time use?

    1. Hi Tri Wahyu,
      I have used the clean cycle once and the indicator does come on after a certain number of uses. The tablet goes in the portafilter and cleans the group head but it doesn’t clean the steam wand or the hot water tap.

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