4 Ingredient Supper? Chorizo Sausage with Penne


Chorizo Sausage With Penne

If your looking for something easy to prepare and low on ingredients this is a great option. You can buff it up by adding extras such as mushrooms,  fresh vegetables or even some grated cheese on the top! The spicy flavour of the sausage goes well with a tomato pesto or a reduced tomato sauce.

  • Chorizo sausage – Costco sells a package of about 10 for cheap like $14 I think I paid. Fry it up in a pan with some sliced onion. Note: if you cover the frying pan the sausage will heat up faster and not dry out as quickly as it will uncovered.
  • Cook your favourite type of pasta and add a tiny bit of olive oil to your noodles once their done to prevent sticking.
  • Add a few tablespoons of tomato pesto (should be able to buy this at any grocery store) add as much as you like to coat the sausage.
  • Serve the sausage mixture over noodles, the pesto should be thick enough to add flavour to your noodles so I did not add anything extra to mine.

2 thoughts on “4 Ingredient Supper? Chorizo Sausage with Penne

  1. I am on cooking duty this weekend, have all the ingredients and 2 children who have no choice but to be guinea pigs! Looking forward to making it.

    1. I had got the Chorizo from Costco. Costco probably also sells some variety of the tomato pesto – or they have a really good basil (green) pesto usually in by the vegetable rolls/sausage rolls, we have bought that before just haven’t tried it with sausage. The pesto I had bought in just a small container at the grocery store.

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