About Me

Welcome to Adrienne’s 1st blog…it will take a bit of time for me to get the hang of this so keep checking back for new posts and recipes.

Why I’m writing a blog…

Having left the workforce to be a stay at home Mom I am trying to discover what it really means to be a “homemaker” and fight myself everyday on what to feed my kids and most importantly (which the invisible handbook of being a homemaker has told us to do) decide what to make for supper. My decisions on what to make for supper used to revolve around what I felt like making, but life with a single income has demanded that now I make meal choices with what I have on hand. Often this requires adjusting recipes to fit what’s in my pantry, leaving out ingredients or adding them whenever possible to keep from making the dreaded trip to the grocery store with two kids. I missed out on the creativity gene therefore none of the recipes are truly “mine”; most of the recipes I share will be from cookbooks, Internet sites or are family recipes. Nevertheless my hope is that you will see some ideas and recipes that will work for you and that you will share some of your thoughts on how to make them better. I also plan to post failures (I’m ┬ásure there will be many) so feel free to tell me where I went wrong when that time arises.

About Me…

My name is Adrienne, I love to bake but when I got married I was a terrible cook, not that I made horrible things, just that I didn’t really know how to cook at all. I have to follow directions and recipes and still to this day get out my “Company’s Coming Eggs” book to make sure I am hard boiling the eggs right. I am marginally a perfectionist, meaning sometimes with my baking I have to just accept that it’s not going to look like the professionals picture. I read a lot, like a lot, and will often read through my cookbooks to find something to bake with the ingredients I have on hand. I have a degree in Anthropology and love to travel but I rarely branch out to try foods from other cultures.

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